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Our customers have asked us: "How will you trade after Brexit?"
The answer is simple, exactly as we have always traded!
Plastics for Games Ltd has been trading globally since we were founded in 1988. We export our goods to countries outside the EC every day, comply with international customs requirements, arrange carriage and achieve a multitude of Toy Safety regulations from nations across the world. So when the UK finally leaves the EC, we are already experienced and equipped to export to Europe from outside the trading block.
We are hoping for an EU trade deal with a transition period, however if this doesn't happen and we revert to WTO rules then as sellers of Toys and Games we benefit from extremely low tariffs on our goods, typically 1.5%. So, if we did have to trade under WTO rules, we would immediately discount all our prices to EU customers to offset any tariff.
Toy Safety
Because the EU is the mainstay of our customer base we have decided to continue to use the EC Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and all of its harmonised standards after Brexit. The UK government announced last year that during any transition period the UK would align all its regulations with the EU. It is Plastics for Games’ policy to continue to ensure its goods comply with EC safety standards for as long as we trade with the EU. This means that our Toy Safety Policy, product risk assessment, testing regime, record keeping, batching and quality systems will continue to meet EC standards in the long term after any transition period. In summary, we have kept our customers in the EU satisfied for over 30years and firmly plan to continue this excellent trading relationship.

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